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Why Mowing your grass every week is a good thing!

Why you should mow your lawn weekly…

Today we are going to be talking about weekly lawn maintenance services. All too often I get asked about weekly mowing services and why it should be done. Well, there are a couple of reasons as to why its healthy for your lawn to have its own scheduled maintenance.

1. The health of the turf is #1 and the aesthetics does not hurt either.

2. To keep it manageable for our machines to handle it

3. To keep your lawn always looking at its best.

(1) Grass is a living plant and does best when you remove 1/3 or less of the grass blade with each cut. In doing this, you reduce the amount of thatch that accumulates in your lawn. The smaller pieces of grass will break down more quickly and will act as a natural free fertilizer for your lawn. When lawns are properly maintained, it will have less weeds and will become more drought resistant during those hot summer months. This will save you $$$ from not having to run the sprinkler system as often which by the way, you should only give your grass 1” of water a week to keep it moist (NOT DAMP). This is sufficient water to keep it looking it healthy and happy! Wouldn’t you want your lawn to be greener, softer and the talk of the neighborhood?

(2) Our mowers will thank you for it! Yes, we do have commercial mowers but when grass is cut on every 2-week schedule, it gets thick and high. This puts additional stress on our machines. When you only cut your grass every 2 weeks, grass clipping accumulates in mass clumps on the top of your turf causing the health grass underneath to be smothered and it looks unsightly. Have you ever seen large clumps of grass on your neighbor’s lawn after its been mowed on a bi-weekly or month schedule…it looks like tumble weeds from the wild, wild west rolling across the yard.

Yes, if a customer wants this service, we will accommodate but, this makes the price of your lawn increase as we have to go over the lawn several times so that our machines can break down the clippings even more. Why does it cost more when we mow this type of schedule? Well, if we have go over the lawn several times, that costs fuel and it makes the maintenance on our commercial mowers increase with the sharpening of blades, the time it takes changing out of the blades to accommodate that type of mowing scheduling and as the IRS says, if we don’t make a profit, we’re not considered a real business and why would someone spend thousands of dollars on equipment, having employees and trucks as well as trailers for it to only be a hobby.

(3) Isn’t it great knowing that you your lawn is always going to look fabulous and usable? Your kids can go outside to play and never have to worry about rats, mice or dangerous snakes slinking in your back yard. The lawn will be usable for when you have friends and family over. There’s no stress over cutting as its already been done for you. You never have to worry about mowing your lawn, which means you get to spend more time with your family or the activities that you like to do! Plus, if you have allergies, you do not have to worry about wearing masks when you cut the lawn or getting an allergy shot from your doctor! We do all the work for you! You never have to worry about rain, maintaining that old mower sitting in the garage that takes up space and you can relax on the weekends instead of mowing.

We hope that you now understand the reasons why its so important to maintain your lawn mowing schedule on a weekly basis. Not only is it for keeping your neighborhood looking beautiful but it keeps your lawn healthy and happy!

We at Harrell Lawn Care Services can help with your Lawn Maintenance Needs.

We make it possible for you to have that quality time with your family that you've been missing on the weekends when you're stuck having to mow the lawn. We provide full lawn maintenance services, Spring and Fall Clean up, Leaf Removal services, Pruning and other types of services as well. Give us a call today for a quote or for more information!


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